Qigong Teacher Training

Qigong Teacher TrainingHaving set up the original version of the Qigong Teacher Training website, it was time for an update! We worked with the lead teachers and, guided by the style sheet provided by them, we revamped the website with a clean and clear theme, complete with a new version of the logo. For this, we used the “enso” (a Zen symbol used in the previous iteration of the logo) to form the “Q” of the word Qigong and everything else just flowed from there!

We updated the content of the site and installed a page builder plugin to make it easier for the teachers to update the website content themselves.  While we were at it, we also designed a new logo for their annual event “Qi in the Field” – this one evolved from the chosen font of the main logo and the placement of the capital letters naturally evolved into the creation of a “dancing figure” that evokes the flowing movements of Qigong.

Check out the results at www.qigongteachertraining.co.uk
Qi in the Field

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